General News

Struggling young people encouraged to just cut back on food, housing, electricity, transport…
entertainment, petrol, dental care
Kmart finally convince conspiracy theorists to wear masks by introducing face tracking in all stores
‘We’d never hire someone who’d incite a riot’ claims news network that hired Alan Jones
Technically he was a contractor
Public confused after government doesn’t respond to cost of living issues by bullying trans kids
Albanese has shockingly overlooked other steps like asking Jenny and fleeing to Hawaii
Tony Abbott confused after learning Minister for Women role went to a woman for some reason
'I am willing to explain the role to Katy whenever she wants'
Jobless man mooches off public housing
Public enemy number one, the Lazy entitled grub living on taxpayer dime
Julia Gillard launches spill motion against Anthony Albanese
Former Labor Leader Julia Gillard has tonight declared Anthony Albanese’s reign of terror over, stating that as of today the
Loose Unit Albo spends election eve doing donuts outside ScoMo’s house
"Yeeeeewwww" reported the opposition leader
Albanese responds to Morrison tackle by king hitting nearest child
Dutton distracts himself from the pain of losing his defamation suit by drowning some puppies
My favourite pastime
The Chaser