Chaser Report Live from the Pub: Week One

Lazy satirists wait around for Albanese to cook a curry or something

Journalist tries unheard of method to gage the feeling of voters by actually talking to regular voters

Charles got banned from twitter for pretending to be a politician no one wants to hear from

Prince Louis arrested for treason after not enjoying sitting through the jubilee

Platinum Jubilee takes Corgi theme too far by giving the Queen a corgi burger

Hollywood announces reboot of Doctor Strange 2 after running out of movies to reboot

Minister for Banning annoying Zoom meetings, Minister for Laundry and other needed cabinet positions yet to be created

Republicans respond to school shootings by demanding immediate ‘door restrictions’

Comparisons between Dutton and Voldemort deemed ‘unfair’ as Voldemort had a chance to be ruler

Analysis: which psychic animal is the best political analyst?

Labor party accused of taking part in pro-dolphin propaganda

Sky News holds an election wake

Calling the election: Who won the battle of the coverage?

Post Election Recap | Chaser Reunited

Nation left feeling apathetic as there is still another day before the election

Andrew Bolt forced to apologise to viewers after suggesting that Albo might not be pure evil

Is Scott Morrison too much of an ‘alpha’ to be PM?

‘Can we live in a voting box?’ and other stupid questions for the AEC

Why Grace Tame loves comedy

‘Google it mate’ Adam Bandt slammed for endorsing tax-dodging big business

Young person combats inflation rise by dressing like a candidate and asking for freebies

Greens slammed for trying to stop struggling artists from struggling

Labor campaign launches counter-strike ‘it will be easy peasy Albanese’ | with Craig and Andrew

Phoning Clive Palmer back in person!

Anthony Albanese slammed for not properly reciting Homer’s Iliad on command

Andrew Bolt’s questions leave local viewer questioning their own sanity

May the 4th’d Puns Please Stop with Senator Katy Gallagher

Election Musician Debate: Andrew Hansen vs Ben Lee

Deves-Dropping with Jan Fran

Gifting Coal To Scott Morrison

We Made an Intern Watch Sky News with Dylan Behan

Net Zero Action with MP Tony Burke

The Chaser’s Election Podcast

Local satirists take stress leave after already being sick of the election

ARVO CHAT: Channel 6 News, from school to schooling the PM

Prime Minister loses a debate to a child

Arvo Chat: Befriending a Scammer

Quolls save the planet by developing a taste for human flesh

Arvo Chat: Parenting and performing for the SAS

Scott Morrison claims he isn’t racist as long as you ignore decades of racism

Arvo Chat: When life’s problems are Waylaid out in front of you

Barnaby Joyce loses price is right after bidding a million below the cost of a house

Arvo Chat: Keep Sami’s name out your mother fucking mouth

Podcast crossover: Comedian V Economist V Chaser

Office prankster draws red lines on rapid tests for April Fools

Arvo Chat: What is love?

Conservatives who say ‘leftists make up issues to get mad at’ claim schools turn kids into furries

Scott Morrison says he doesn’t hold an effective budget

Local man takes mental health seriously by sacrificing his news consumption

Arvo Chat: Being in the middle of a murder mystery

Historians recall the Lowe-est moment for the Oscars

Arvo Chat: Growing up in Scientology

Young person disappointed that the Greens need to win to clear student debt

Arvo Chat: Australia and refugees, a modern ‘will they won’t they’ romance

Boeing engineer fired for suggesting planes that aren’t designed to crash

Arvo Chat: What’s more fair, Love or War?

‘Alpha male’ podcast host panics after speaking to a woman for the first time

Youtube viewer has breakdown after learning the words to UAP ads

Morrison deploys 70k tonnes of coal to Ukraine in order to fight Russian children with climate change