English football fans celebrate after hearing racism is coming home
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White House unveils Trump Presidential Portrait
"It really captures his Presidential style"
Silhouette of Scott Morrison assures Australia that all possible aid will be given to New Zealand
"Finally a problem that doesn't involve the climate"
Whitehouse unveils new, retouched Washington portrait
The portrait honors Washington's prowess as an aviator
Local Thrones fan sweats through packed train ride home
"One spoiler and it's all over"
Electoral commission begins mailout of sausage sandwiches to postal voters
They are expected to arrive in 1-2 weeks
Renegade teaspoon ruining it for rest of cutlery basket
IKEA Introduce New Sofabed That Is Unusable as Both Bed And Sofa
"It's perfect for people who want to be uncomfortable in all situations"
Anti same-sex marriage campaign unveil official spokeswoman
"Won't somebody please think of the children!"
Kendall Jenner beaten to death after offering Nazis a Pepsi
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